Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rainbow Man

Rainbow man, rainbow man
The rains are yet to come.
I’ve come a long way to drink
From colours over clouds-
Loitering, hankering, swimming in gray;
Rainbow man,
I’ve come a long, long way!

The seasons come for a tickling touch
The gruel remains to scorch.
And visions of pastels, wines and butterflies
Tempt me to an empty dream.
I fall deep inside, a place I seem to know.
Rainbow man,
I’ve a long, long path to go!

Rainbow man, rainbow man,
Can you fetch me wet,
Pregnant clouds, swirling trees, blurring scenes?
I long to feel some water in the sweat.
Can you rain the colours on me?
Rainbow man,
I've a long, long dream to see!